Creating the Citizens of the Future

How Global Education is Critical to Success

Creating the Citizens of the Future: How Global Education is Critical to Success is a tour guide for those individuals who want to study internationally but are unsure about the process and what to expect once they arrive in their host country. Liza Manoussis, the founder of Global Education, shares her journey of international travel and the value of studying internationally.

This guide walks you through applying for international study, what to expect, and ways to prepare before entering your host country. Liza also shares some of the challenges of studying internationally and tips to make the most of your experiences. Her honest approach gives you the tools to benefit from an international study, allowing it to shape you or your student into a leader for the future. Creating the Citizens of the Future is also full of practical tips for first-time international students and covers areas including handling homesickness and exploring your host country.

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About the Author

Liza Manoussis is a global citizen, author, entrepreneur, and founder of Global Education. Her work focuses on assisting students in their quest to achieve their goals regarding studying internationally by assisting them with the process of applying for various universities and colleges around the world. Her team also assists students with visas and other aspects of their transition to their host country.

Global Education sets the standard in international education, providing students with expertise to help them get the most out of their experience. By contracting with universities around the globe, Global Education is able to work with students and their families without charging them a fee.
The result is that Global Education provides advice and expertise based on what they glean from the students, thus helping them to find the right university to match their chosen course of study.

Today, Liza resides in South Africa, although she is frequently on the road to meet with students and universities. She works to continually improve the Global Education experience for her clients and their families.
To learn more about studying internationally and the opportunities available, contact Liza and her team at

Creating the Citizens of the Future

How Global Education is Critical to Success

Chapter 1 “Expanding Your World Through International Education”

The inception of my company and my own experience with International Education.

Chapter 2 “Why Consider Global Educational Opportunities?”

Learning new cultures and points of view. We talk about different learning techniques and the importance of learning different languages and building lifelong friendships.

Chapter 3 “Setting Goals for Your International Education”

What you plan to achieve and how to write a good personal statement.

Chapter 4 “Managing the Financial Obligations”

Scholarships and other financial opportunities.

Chapter 5 “Visa Applications – The Next Step”

We talk about the process, timelines and how to prepare for a student visa.

Chapter 6 “The Education of the Future”

Building Social Cohesion through education and exposure to different levels of Technology

Chapter 7 “Skills for Success in Studying Internationally”

Getting familiar with your surroundings. Dealing with homesickness!

Chapter 8 “Building Professional Skills Studying Internationally”

Improving your networking skills. Being open to collaboration. Building your adaptive thinking muscle.

Chapter 9 “Attitude Will Define Your Experience”

How your attitude can impact your experience.

Chapter 10 “Making the Most of Your International Education”

Identifying your purpose, Encompass the gratitude of your opportunity.

Creating the Citizens of the Future

How Global Education is Critical to Success

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