Creating the Citizens of the Future: How Global Education is Critical to Success is a tour guide for those individuals who want to study internationally but are unsure about the process and what to expect once they arrive in their host country. Liza Manoussis, the founder of Global Education, shares her journey of international travel and the value of studying internationally.

This guide walks you through applying for international study, what to expect, and ways to prepare before entering your host country. Liza also shares some of the challenges of studying internationally and tips to make the most of your experiences. Her honest approach gives you the tools to benefit from an international study, allowing it to shape you or your student into a leader for the future. Creating the Citizens of the Future is also full of practical tips for first-time international students and covers areas including handling homesickness and exploring your host country.

“We met Liza and the Global Education team in 2017. An international education had never been considered as an option for our daughter due to the financial implications however, in an uncertain political climate, we decided to investigate the option. Upon meeting with Liza, she shared her extensive knowledge of international education and left us with no doubts that we were in the most capable of hands.

After discussing our budget – she came up with options that we were able to consider. Liza carefully combed through all the possible universities, faculties and courses, answering all of our questions. Once we had decided on a university, we thought the hard part was still to come – applying, enrollment, student visas, accommodation etc. We had certainly underestimated theGlobal Education team. They managed all correspondence with the university and embassy – all we had to do was fill in a few forms and before we knew it, the interview was over, and our daughter was accepted into her dream course. As anxious parents sending their eighteen-year-old daughter to live on another continent, there was no shortage of concern and interrogation on our behalf. We were constantly assured every step of the way with the utmost transparency. Years later, we are still in contact with Liza. She is always available with a phonebook of contacts to solve any problem. We could not have chosen a better person to guide us through this experience. Our gratitude is limitless.” - Eleni Lazanakis

“I have known Liza Manoussis in two capacities for many years. The first time I met Liza was at the premises of Global Education, Liza’s successful international education agency. From the first time I met Liza I knew that I was in good hands. Her passion and enthusiasm for international education was evident. Liza’s extensive knowledge, professionalism and caring guidance was beyond measure for my daughter’s studying abroad experience. Liza has excellent rapport with people of all ages. Indeed, her excellent communication skills afford her the opportunity to connect with students in a way that inspires them to imagine their best possible future.

In addition, I have the fortunate opportunity to be employed by Liza. Her brilliant work ethic, dedication and commitment to her company is evident not only in the work environment but also in the success of her company. She is an inspiration to women both young and old. Indeed, Liza is a prime example of how hard work, courage, and passion for what you do shall lead you to a pathway of success. In summary, I highly recommend Liza for advice and assistance in international education and, in any endeavor that she may seek to pursue as she has proven to be a caring, inspirational, and successful woman.”

- Fernanda Cancela

“I know it has been ages since I’d chatted to you but I just wanted to thank you and your team at Global Education again for everything you have done for me and my family in facilitating our studies. I am really grateful God sent you into my life as you were instrumental in helping me study the courses of my choice at the universities of my choice and always went above and beyond in helping me and my family.

I just wanted to share with you this exciting new venture as a result of years in the making (please see attachment)! Upon completing my studies, I worked as a graduate audiologist for about 2 years and have now been given the opportunity to have 2 of my own clinics!!! I am now the Audiology director and principal audiologist at Specsavers Audiology in the Riverton and Carousel stores. And I thank you for your part in making this happen by helping me study abroad. If you need an updated testimonial for your website please let me know and as always I will continue to
refer anyone who is interested in studying abroad to you. Next time you visit Perth let me know I’d love to show you the stores and have you meet my husband and the little one coming soon :)” - Tanya Goromonzi

It has always been my dream to get into a world Top 10 university and Liza from Global Education made this a reality for me. Whilst UCAS applications are daunting and stressful, Global Education helped me navigate through the difficulties with ease. Their experience, professionalism and guidance proved invaluable. A special thank you to Liza who was on call day and night to answer any queries and I would like to highly recommend Global Education to anyone applying to University. - Elia Chimonides

“As my studies started to intensify during my final year of high school and trials became finals I found I had less and less time to spend on finding the perfect university overseas, whether it be in Australia or the UK. The stress of getting all the information I needed for future study on top of having to make sure that my marks remained high enough for the course that I wanted to get into had started to take its toll on me.

Fortunately, I found Global Education online and got in touch with Liza and her colleagues. They provided me with more options than I thought I initially had, which put my mind at ease. We explored both options of where I should study and applied to universities in both countries with their guidance and help. I wanted to study Biomedicine in order to do something in the field of Health Sciences, so Liza recommended the University of Melbourne, the number one university in Australia. However, I didn’t want to consider a University based on just their national ranking so I
asked Liza about the city and she was able to confirm almost everything I had heard about it from other people; it’s one of the most liveable cities in the world!

My acceptance from the University of Melbourne came rather late due to some delays on my part, so organising a visa, flights, student accommodation and subject enrolment all had to be done within 2-3 weeks, which I would not have been able to do without the help of Liza and her team. I have been living in Melbourne and studying at the University for two years now and I couldn’t be happier with my choice! I have Global Education to thank for that!” - Genevive Kroussaniotakis

“I can’t thank you enough for the effort and level of professionalism that you put behind the success of this application. I won’t hesitate to recommend anyone to use your services, amazing people amidst this uncertain times par excellence.

I really appreciate you, I’ll keep in touch when making arrangements. I’m ecstatic and really happy Thank you and stay safe” - Mathew Dzingai

“I just wanted to very belatedly thank you and Nico for all your amazing help with Emily. She is now happily settling into Exeter university studying Medical science. I seriously don’t think she would have made it without Nico’s guidance. You have an amazing set up and are by far and above more in tune with the students’ needs than our experience with the school. I won’t hesitate to recommend Global Education to anyone looking to send their children overseas” - Ann Marie Downey

Creating the Citizens of the Future

How Global Education is Critical to Success

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